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myPaperLog is a french startup specialized in home-recycling. Our concept is simple: every person who uses our robot can automatically transform his paper and cardboard waste in compressed logs. The obtained fuel can be used in your chimney, fireplace or wood stove. You will be able to heat your home at a lower cost and reduce your energy bills.

So our approach is ecological, economic and technological at the same time.

One winter morning, I was at home with my girlfriend. I wanted to use my wood stove but I didn’t have wood logs anymore. A short time before, I filled a garbage can of paper / cardboard waste high like that (he mimes the height of a large bin with his hand). I wondered : Clement, wouldn’t there be a way to use this continuous stream of waste to heat my place ? 

Clément Houzet – november 11, 2016

This is how the story began…

Our prototype is visibly growing, and is making its 3 daddies proud. To see its first steps, follow us on Facebook !

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